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What Do Pond Aerators Do?

What Do Pond Aerators Do?If you’re wondering what pond aerators do, they are pieces of equipment that increases oxygen level in the water.
Pond aerators are critical to aquaculture operations, especially when the pond is located adjacent to a fishing lake and other places that can cause anoxic conditions to ponds.

Aeration can be done by infusing air into the bottom of a pond from a spraying device or fountain that would allow for the exchange of oxygen and the release of poisonous gases like hydrogen sulfide, methane and carbon dioxide.

You might know it but dissolved oxygen is actually very critical to the fish and other aquatic creatures. With high-levels of oxygen, oxygen-breathing bacteria can effectively decompose organic matter. However, when oxygen levels are low, it would be impossible for the water to support life.

If you’re maintaining a pond, the easiest way to increase the oxygen levels in the water is by using pond aerators.
There are really two ways to get an aerator, either you buy a ready aerator or you build your own. Whatever route you decide to take, just make sure you understand the technology behind it. Aerators are very critical for preventing fish kills especially in the summer.

There are many places where you can buy aerators from. Finding stores that sell aerators can be as easy as “buy aerators” on Google. In buying an aerator, it’s very important that you buy something of quality. That said, read the reviews written by real users before checking the price.

Quality aside, another factor you need to check is the capacity of the aerator. Find something that can easily handle the size of your pond. With a little research, you should be able to find the perfect aerator for your pond in no time at all.

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