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The Handbags Fever Never Dies

The Handbags Fever Never DiesWarm Winter Welcome
2013 has just ended but not the winters. We are still looking at January and February to come and winter has already started to set in. the fashion handbags of winter are always special and Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Fendi, Mulberry collections will make sure, it remain so.

The Chic ‘midnight blue’ handbag with metallic hardware from Chanel is a delight for winter evening. In contrast Mulberry has a new collection of the ‘primrose’ range with tomato red and gold chains. Tote is joining the party, all thanks to Chloe with luxe fabrication and golden exterior. Fendi brings in the baguette with a floral touch-up in charcoal black and gold.

‘Fashion is more usually a gentle progression of revisited ideas’. As I had already mentioned that fashion fades away but another fact is that it is replaced with another one. Fashion handbags are ‘handy’ accessories in making fashion statements. The central idea is ‘fashion’ will never go out of fashion, and neither will wholesale purses and handbags at

Want something Extra?
The answer to that will be a definite ‘yes’, coming from the ladies. Well if you are ready to spend some extra bucks, try the ‘Quinn’ collections by Fendi and Hobo. This shoulder bag has a spacious interior along with outside pockets making her a perfect option for women who want to pock more. Range starts from $378.00, and is available in black, stone and ochre. Use the ‘Quinn’ and you may feel like one (‘Queen that is).

If you like the edgy look, try Gucci’s ‘Ramona’ collection. It’s essentially a tote with all the functions of a shoulder bag, available in dark wine red and brown colours. For women who like to keep it simple, ‘Rainer’ from hobo is just the thing. Available in black and mocha with thin leather strap, it starts from $318.00, and is ideal as you ‘everyday bag’.

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