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Some Deer Antler Spray Reviews

Some Deer Antler Spray ReviewsSo what is the big hype about deer antler spray? Where did it come from, and what is it used for? How does it fare under medical Deer Antler Spray Reviews and scrutiny? Deer antler was first discovered and used as part of traditional Chinese medicine. The Chinese make several remedies with the different parts of the deer antler. It was originally used to stimulate growth in children, to help arthritis sufferers to cope with the pains and for people who suffer from calcium deficiencies. Bodybuilders discovered it’s muscle healing properties in the late 1990’s and started using it as a muscle recovery supplement and to stimulate muscle growth.

According to medical deer antler spray reviews, it is a perfectly safe and natural over the counter supplement. Back in 2008 deer antler spray was first brought up when the NFL coach for the Baltimore Ravens started promoting it to his players. The problem with deer antler spray is that it is packed with a protein called IGF-1, and the NFL has clearly banned this growth hormone. Even though the human body naturally produces the IGF-1 protein, if you are a player in the NFL with a high level of this growth hormone, it then raises too many questions as to why. A blood test has to be conducted on the NFL player to determine if this high production of HGH is naturally occurring or not, but conducting blood tests on all the players is costly, so the NFL decided to ban it in all of its forms.

However, deer antler spray reviews by doctors state that it is a perfectly natural and safe supplement that an amateur bodybuilder or athlete can use. It is pretty much sold at every health food store all across the U.S. and you can buy the spray or the capsule formula. The main benefits of taking deer antler muscle supplements is that it helps your muscles heal faster and increase your overall muscle endurance.

You can usually see some results within 10-20 days of using this natural supplement, depending on your age and your overall health. There are no reported side effects of using deer antler spray as a natural supplement. This is a must have natural supplement if you are an amateur athlete or bodybuilder and would like to benefit from the results that you get from using it.

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