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Social Media Is A Great Way To Keep In Touch

socialmediaThe modern world is filled with demands on time and energy. Before the Internet, people had limited ways to communicate with family and friends in distant locations. While email provided an easier and faster way to speak with others, social media has taken it a step further.

One of the most popular social media sites is Facebook. On this site, users create an account using their own name. People can post status updates, instantly allowing everyone on their friends list know the latest developments. In addition, Facebook users can share pictures. For people that are far away, they can see pictures of children growing up and weather reports from home. In addition, there are many businesses that use the site to promote business growth.

Another popular site is Twitter. Though users have a limited number of characters per “tweet,” the site allows for brief updates and sharing of information. People can share links to blogs and Facebook posts as well. Many celebrities use Twitter to communicate with fans regarding upcoming events and to respond to misreported news regarding them.

There are other social media sites that provide people with the ability to share information and network with potential employers and other business affairs. However, Facebook and Twitter continue to be the most popular among people across the globe. Undoubtedly, there will be more social media sites developed as the needs of Internet users are explored by various companies and computer programmers.

For those who want to maintain contact with friends and be part of the global community, utilizing these sites is a great idea. The ability to interact in real time with others makes it a very popular method of communication. People of all ages appreciate the ease of the various social websites on the Internet.

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