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Learning About Car Struts In School

Up until now I’ve been doing really good in my mechanics classes. I’ve learned a lot about engines, brakes, steering, and all that other cool stuff beneath the hood and beyond, but this week we started talking about car struts and I admit I am totally lost! No matter how many times the instructor tries to explain it to me, I just sit there with glazed eyes. My classmates have made fun of me a little bit, but I know they had trouble understanding other things, so they don’t go in too hard. But I’m getting to the point where I’m worried I won’t know what car strut are in time for the big exam at the end of the term.

Learning About Car Struts In SchoolI suppose it must sound a little ridiculous to you. After all, I can understand everything else about a car, so why is the concept of struts really over my head? One of my roommates is studying architecture, and she’s trying to help me understand it from her point of view, but I’m still totally lost. It’s hard for me to transfer understanding like that to what I’m doing. My poor instructor has tried so hard too, and I can tell he’s about to just give up. What am I going to do?

All that’s really left for me to try is studying car struts on my own time. Maybe if I read the definition over and over it will finally sink into my brain. It worked in my Spanish class for vocabulary, so maybe it will work in this case? All I can do is try. I’m so lost otherwise! Do you know what I mean? Have you ever gone through something like this before? If so, how did you overcome it and pass?

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