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Explaining The Basics Of LED TV

LED TVs are starting to see an increase in sales, so it is a good idea to learn something about how they work.  The basics of led tv are pretty simple.  There are currently two types: LED TV Edge Lighting and LED TV Backlighting.

In LED Edge Lighting, the TV has a line of LED lights running along the outer edge of the screen.  These lights ensure that the light is evening distributed across the screen and because they are LED lights, the screen can be extremely thin.  The drawback with this design is a minimum loss of the very deep blacks and the really deep darkness.

Explaining The Basics Of LED TVFull Array LED Backlighting is the other type of LED TV.  This design provides rows of LED lights directly behind the display screen.  This design allows the user to directly manipulate the lighting by dimming or brightening each row of LED lights.  This allows for complete darkness in the black areas making real quality blacks and great contrasts.

Another benefit of improving technology is a drop in the prices of LED TVs.  As the basics of LED TV technology continue to move more into the mainstream, the televisions will be more and more available including through online retailers.

Even as consumers are just learning the basics of LED TV, the technology is continuing to rapidly expand and improve.  One of the newest additions to the LED TV technology arsenal is the 3D LED TV.  Another new function is wireless connectivity for internet and gaming.

It does not matter what the purpose, there is most likely an LED TV to suit the need.  If not, just wait, there will probably be one within a few months.  This technology is moving quickly and is working hard to identify and meet the needs of its customers.

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