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Ephedra versus Ephedrine: Which Brand Should You Take?

Ephedra versus Ephedrine: Which Brand Should You Take? One common affair of “being American” that’s fast becoming a stereotype is obesity or being overweight. Associated weight loss programs and supplements are therefore in high demand, especially supplementation since they have fewer associated side effects compared to drugs (which can affect your liver). Steroids might help bodybuilders, but they could worsen a fat person’s chances of losing weight (and might induce roid rage with improper usage).

When it comes to ephedra vs ephedrine, it’s ultimately up to you. Ephedra sinica, also called Ma huang, is a Chinese herb wherein ephedrine is derived from. If you want more concentrated levels of Ma huang, you should acquire ephedra supplementation. If you wish a more streamlined supplementation, then the FDA approved dietary supplement of ephedrine is in order. They’re virtually the same anyway, with ephedrine originating from ephedra.

Dealing with Obesity with Supplements

Many people are not happy with how fat they’ve become or are. They’d like to lose weight as quickly as possible, or at least get rid of problem areas like love handles, pot bellies, arm flags, and more. It’s ultimately up to the person in question to do this by dieting and exercising. However, years of abuse and bad habits are easier to say you’d undo than actually undo.

Whether it’s genetic or behavioral, it’s ultimately up to you to get the ball rolling. The fatter you are, the more work you’ll need to do in order to get back into a good shape instead of a pear shape for your body. This is where ephedrine comes in. It partially assists in undoing the damage wreaked to an overweight body and its chemistry by suppressing your appetite.

The Chinese herb of ephedra has been used by Chinese medicine for thousands of years in order to deal with obesity, but it’s just now in the 20th and 21st century that westerners are learning about its properties, especially its metabolism boosting ones after you’ve taken them. The power is ultimately yours.


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