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Eligibility For Disability Benefits

Eligibility For Disability BenefitsEligible for marriage, eligible for job, etc, it’s a common scenario. What if another one is added… eligible for disability, doesn’t sound right does it? Well, actually it is eligibility for disability benefits. This is one of the better initiatives of the modern era and it does deserve applause. However, like every other beneficial scheme, there are certain terms and conditions. You have to be eligible. How? Let us find out…

1. The Basic Requirements

For you to enjoy the various schemes of social security disability benefits it is advisable to take up jobs which are covered by social security. You may also enroll yourself in one of the schemes when you are fit so that in case you become a victim of disability in future, you can avail the benefits. Secondly, you must have worked for at least ten years to be eligible to apply for disability benefits with the help of an ERISA attorney. Thirdly, you will qualify for the benefits if you develop a medical condition as per the norms of the institution.

2. Questions and Answer Round

Basically there are a set of 5 essential questions whose answers constitute the basic eligibility requirements for any disability benefit. We may sequentially categorize them as:

  • Are you an active worker?

Taking the current year into consideration, if you are working actively in 2014 and your salary is $1,070 per month (according to SSI standard) you are not eligible to avail disability benefits.

  • Are you in a “Severe” condition?

The next condition checks whether your disability condition is severe enough to pose a challenge to your basic working activities. If found ‘yes’, you will be eligible for the disability benefits.

  • Does your condition tally with ‘The’ list?

An umbrella list is provided covering a range of medical conditions separately for each particular body system.

The conditions listed there are very severe, and automatically qualifies you as disabled if you have any of the conditions.

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